Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How much is this toy worth

How much is this toy worth?
I'm not entirely sure exactly what it is called. It's a really old toy from a Hobby Shop that closed down in 1960, so the toy itself must be from the 50's. The toy is of a bird called the THUNDERHAWK. It's a yellow and red bird with a launcher like a slingshot, and it comes with a rubber band. It was 29c, way back when. Here is exactly what the package says: Front: IT REALLY FLIES!!! 29c THUNDERHAWK Soars Hundreds of Feet (picture of a red bird) Bottom: Aurora Plastics Corp., West Hempstead, N.Y Back: No.90 IT REALLY FLIES!!! 29c A HOBBY Aurora For Everybody THUNDERHAWK Attach rubber band to launching hook on the THUNDERHAWK's beak. Pull back and release. By chaning the angle at which you release your THUNDERHAWK you can vary its flight pattern. (Picture of someone preparing to launch it) Bottom: Aurora Plastics Corp., West Hempstead, N.Y. Anyone tell me how much it is worth?
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About 20$ Aus

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