Thursday, October 1, 2009

Temperature at the DIA

Temperature at the DIA?
I really do not understand why I need to know this temperature. I live in Aurora, about 20 minutes away from DIA and Denver's temp is always shown.I realize that travel would be dangerous but wouldn't they just cancel flights? No one lives at the airport how is this relevant to the weather report?
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Go to Yahoo weather and look up Aurora. It will show you the weather in Aurora.
2 :
I think because it is easier to measure the weather at the airport, cuz there is more room out there for all that equipment or whatever it is they need to measure temps and whatnot. Every large city has it's temps at least measured at the airports, as well as other locations.
3 :
Actually, they used to show the temperature in every weather forecast a looong time ago, before DIA was built. All that land out where DIA is at used to belong to Aurora. All the other land east of Aurora still belong to Aurora, unless the population and housing expansion gets too big, they will most likely subdivide it into more "cities," much like how Greenwood Village, Centennial and Parker all used to be a part of Englewood....and how Lone Tree used to just be Littleton. Then, after Denver bought the side of that part of land from Aurora to build DIA (not the entire east side though), they just gradually stopped showing Aurora temperature. Now they just use DIA as a sort of "symbol" on the weather map to encompass the Aurora area, as DIA is more renowned to "newcomers" to the state. And the rest of us, who have lived in Aurora for so many years, know how close DIA is, we know to use that gauge to tell the temperature in Aurora. But I, for one, still think that they should put Aurora back up again. Although there is no community right at DIA, I have lived in that newer community, called Green Valley Ranch, that is really close to DIA for a couple of years. It is close enough to the airport to be able to hear the annoyingly loud airplanes take off and land. And what the weathermen don't seem to acknowledge to the public is the fact that, because the land out there is not as developed as the rest of the Denver metro area, there aren't enough buildings to block the wind----especially during the winter months. All that empty space does ALWAYS make a difference in temperature by 1 - 3 degrees. If there's not much wind or breeze, then it wouldn't matter as much.

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