Monday, September 21, 2009

Few bars of a concept I had going.......

Few bars of a concept I had going.......?
I was working on a concept of The Darkness (a comic not well known: ) not sure if I'll finish it. It's not that good to me, but still rate, hate, comment, criticize, etc.... Hidden in the dark my curse plays, messing with me in the worse ways/ Everytime I die, I rise, like a zombie in the dirt, it lies and copys when I’m hurt/ The Darkness talks free like a flirt, so as it walks me my evils lurk/ A feeble irk, it says as I watched love being murdered/ My own family I just seen hurt her, and leave her for a hearse cure/ Battling inner demons, I wish you could see this sinner’s being/ Letting my devil have dinner eating, I ruined there evening/ Seeing my black aurora, I died just so I can go back for her/ I didn’t believe hell bagged horrors, like this I fell out the back door/ Lost I swore, vengeance, leaving all the devils men minced/ Locked and stored, six sense, between good and evil pendent/ Battling the light, she takes flight, the angel is (Angelus)/ Like a snake bite, sly as she flies, she just strangles bliss/ We make points like when angles hit, lost in a cool mist/ But still foolish, we’ll be yin and yang, cuz I embody sin she sang/ "Twenty-One years on my birthday, I was born again on the first day/" first bar was cut out that's it there. Actually this isn't the whole story, the game was extended out for the first few comics. There's still Witchblade, and the Brotherhood Of Darkness which I haven't mentioned.
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nice, yeah i know what it is a played the game, you told the whole story in a nutshell in 1 verse.

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