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Aurora UFO Incident I have a Way to Illegale justerfid evidence that it was true

Aurora UFO Incident I have a Way to Illegale justerfid evidence that it was true?
During the 1896-1897 timeframe (some six or seven years before the Wright Brothers' first flight), numerous sightings of a cigar-shaped flying machine were reported across the United States. One of these accounts appeared in the April 19, 1897 edition of the Dallas Morning News. Written by Aurora resident S.E. Haydon[2], the alleged UFO is said to have hit a windmill on the property of a Judge J.S. Proctor two days earlier at around 6am local (Central) time[3], resulting in its crash. The pilot (who was reported to be "not of this world", and a "Martian" according to a purported Army officer from nearby Fort Worth)[4] did not survive the crash, and was buried "with Christian rites" at the nearby Aurora Cemetery. (The cemetery contains a Texas Historical Commission marker mentioning the incident.[5]) I will steal the uncovered a grave marker that appeared to show a flying saucer coffean from the Aurora Cemetery so I can prove that the aliens are out the if I do steal it I am not a grave rober coz the body is not from this world so I can do it in a way of negation plz know one do this it's my idear I may never do it On December 2, 2005, UFO Files first aired an episode related to this incident, titled "Texas' Roswell". The episode featured a 1973 investigation led by Bill Case, an aviation writer for the Dallas Times Herald[6] and the Texas state director of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). MUFON uncovered two new eyewitnesses to the crash. Mary Evans, who was 15 at the time, told of how her parents went to the crash site (they forbade her from going) and the discovery of the alien body. Charlie Stephens, who was age 10, told how he saw the airship trailing smoke as it headed north toward Aurora. He wanted to see what happened, but his father made him finish his chores; later, he told how his father went to town the next day and saw wreckage from the crash. MUFON's investigation uncovered a piece of metal, reportedly from the wreckage, that upon further analysis was revealed to be composed of 95% aluminum and 5% iron, with no traces of zinc.[1] This alloy is very uncommon in nature
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1 :
You spend way too much time reading or watching TV about garbage. For what it is worth, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin designed his first rigid airship in 1874 (non rigid ones had been flying since 1852) and they were all cigar shaped. Oddly, UFO's were that shape then. Coincidence? Or over-active imagination from 'witness' who simply took whatever was considered 'advanced technology' to illustrate their delirium?
2 :
Well, ..., the Aurora incident was more than likely a private entrepreneur who developed and flew a zeppelin. The crash could have burned his body beyond recognition. Aluminum and Iron alloys were certainly possible during that time. Of course it's uncommon in nature. Nature doesn't make alloys people make alloys! A truly advanced civilization would have used a much more exotic metal like titanium or not metal at all opting for carbon nanofibers.
3 :
It's not really significant that flying objects were sighted before the Wright Brothers' first flight. Even if they get the nod for aerodynamic flight, airships and balloons did exist and did fly well before then. One thing to consider: even if you DID dig up this person's grave, what then? You don't exactly come across as being equipped to do any manner of forensic analysis of such things. For example, you seem to figure that an aluminum alloy is significant because it "does not occur in nature". Alloys, by their nature, tend not to at all. Suffice it to say, such an aluminum alloy as you describe would be primitive even by the standards of modern aviation. Hell, my BICYCLE is made of more interesting stuff than that. Aluminum was certainly workable with the technology of the day, if one had money to throw around; indeed, it would have represented the cutting edge.
4 :
I would very strongly suggest that you should actually find a copy of the Dallas Morning News for 19 April 1897 and see if this article is actually there. You might also care to look at other regional newspapers for 18 to 30 April 1897 to see if there were other reports not copied from the original article and for any follow-up reports, including retractions. An airship crash in 1897, specially in relatively remote Texas would have been big news. It would have been big news in Germany or Europe where airships were actually being built then. If there were no follow up reports, even if the original article actually exists, then the thing is probably a fake. Yes, i have heard of this before and the suggestion that it is entirely a fabrication. It is also worth finding out if J. S. Proctor and S.E. Haydon actually lived in the area. You will need to find some pretty good evidence before any court will allow an exhumation. So far you have got next to nothing, just hearsay.

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