Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Which computer is better

Which computer is better?
they are the same price. please don't just say the alienware because it's an alienware. PLease keep in mind that i want to play world of warcraft on high settings and flight simulator x on medium Computer 1: Computer 2:
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Don't see the spec for the alienware. You haven't customize it yet so it just show us all the spec available. But generally Cyberpower computer will give you more for the money.
2 :
Well, Alienware is always way too overpriced...I think just about everyone here will agree with me on that one. I think you are better off buying the computer from Newegg myself, if you are not going to build your own computer and save money. Building your own, you may be able to save up to $150, if you choose wisely...I just would not buy an Alienware. I seriously considered Alienware for my laptop, but in the end I got a much MUCH better computer and a good deal when I bought my HP HDX Premium series Notebook. I couldn't touch this laptop I had at Alienware for anything LESS than $4800. HP gave me a better, superior laptop with larger and bigger and better everything for $2800. So you do the math. I still think, you are better off specing the parts and building it yourself. I think you should go through the exercise of at least finding out. Do that before you spend money on a pre-built and see what you can come up with.
3 :
i'd suggest computer 2 as well, it will be easier to upgrade further in the future and alienware tends to be overpriced!
4 :
Alienware is for very wealthy people who want to game, but don't want to learn a thing about computers. Get the other one :D
5 :
Depends. First, how much do you want to spend? Alienware tends to be more, err, customizable since you are on the site and it has not been made yet. One big problem I would find with the Cyberpower is that you have Vista on it. XP has a lot more games available, if that's what you want it for. But if you want to spend less for more, buy the Cyberpower. It has a better processor, more RAM, and a bigger hard drive. The Alienware one has not been customized yet, so I cannot say since I don't know what you are looking for. But the Alienware can get to be MUCH better than the Cyberpower, since the Alienware has a better motherboard. It really depends on a lot of things like what you want it for, if you will put money into upgrading it, and some other small things.
6 :
I have always had a dell

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