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flying in alaska in winter

flying in alaska in winter?
my friends and i are thinking of flying to alaska or whitehorse (yukon, canada) at the end of december or beginning of january to watch the aurora display. however, we're concerned with whether the flight would be safe. will there be turbulence or really dangerous snow storm? traveling by car or bus or train or ferry would take too long (we're from california and we only have one week to travel), so we're looking into flying. so yeah, any input about what it's like to fly there in the winter would be greatly appreciated, as well as any comments about the weather conditions :) thank you!
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well it depeds...each year is different and alaska might be on a rouph year so the weather might be harsh....but dont worry! Im concerned about the exact thing too. This winter i want to go see my cuzins so im going to go to washington wich has some pretty harsh snow at times and the only way to travel is by plane becouse i only have 2 DAYS! So ill have to risk it....but its even more dangerouse on the road! some tips...try watching the weather daily as soon as winter begins or maybey seing if they say anything about alaska and canada...they notify when its getting some storms to prevent accidents! And remember to hope for the best...and stay POSITIVE! I have breathing problems and get concerned when travelling on airway...but i always try to think positive....
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Disturbance wouldn't be any more of a problem in the winter, but there is extreme cold,wind and snow. It wouldn't be unusual for flights in and out of Alaska to be delayed. Flying to Fairbanks would probably be the easiest and cheapest way to go.There are lodges and B&B's north of Fairbanks where you can see the Aurora display.
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Planes fly year round, and you don;t have to worry. We know how to handle the weather. Just like literally anywhere else in the world something could happen to affect the flight, but you are at no special risk flying to Alaska in the winter. I live here and fly year round and never concern myself with weather, we are so used to it that it really doesn't matter. You may be excited or worried by the winter here, but we aren't :) Now when you land you'll go get your bags, and then you might want to be more concerned about weather then you were flying, cause your going to want a good warm outfit to wear as you walk out of the airport. At least hat, gloves, boots and coat to get you to a cab and hotel. I agree that Fairbanks is a great place to view the lights. but for best viewing get out of town and away from the residual lights of town. Also if I only had a week I would plan my trip for the 'no full moon' time. Darker sky = more dramatic lights. Chena Hot Springs resort is nice, and had other things to do, but it is kinda touristy and a bit pricey. Chatanika Lodge is way more local and funky, Either way you might want to consider renting a car for the week. As public transport is a joke in Fairbanks. Also here is some Aurora info to help plan your trip. Also there are lots of other fun things going on all winter in Fairbanks, so you might try to plan a trip around events other then the (unpredictable) aurora.

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