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Marvel Comics ALPHA FLIGHT (Gilded Lily questions)

Marvel Comics ALPHA FLIGHT (Gilded Lily questions)?
Hi, I have some questions regarding the old ALPHA FLIGHT villainess, Gilded Lily (Walter Langowski's great-Aunt from AF #20, 21 and AF Annual #1): 1) How tall do you estimate Gilded Lily was? I don't believe the old MARVEL UNIVERSE books ever gave Gilded Lily an "official" height listing so I was wondering what you estimate her height to have been at? 2) And physically, how strong was Gilded Lily? She physically overpowered Aurora more than once, IIRC...didn't Aurora have superhuman strength? 3) Everytime Gilded Lily and Aurora crossed paths, Aurora was always clad in nothing but a bikini. Strange coincedence or did Aurora forget to put her clothes on? :) Or some other reason why the heroine was always half-naked? 4) Is Gilded Lily still alive? As they say in comics, "no body, no death." Could she ever come back? Thanx.
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1 :
Real Name: Lillian Von Loont Place Of Birth: Unrevealed First Appearance: Alpha Flight Vol.1 20 Group Affiliation: None Base Of Opperations: Tamarind Island Grudges: Alpha Flight Universe: Marvel Comics Powers: Gilding: Gilded Lily is able to encase a victim in a gold like substance that keeps the victim alive and frozen in a statue like form forever. Alchemy: Gilded Lily's powers stem entirely from an arsenal of alchemical potions. The diversity and extent of the effects of her alchemy at times seem magical in nature. Her alchemy enables her to control or influence the molecules and elements in her own body, the bodies of others, or the environment itself. Longevity: While not true immortality Gilded Lily has devised a technique that has prolonged her life for centuries. However, it has required her to shed virtually all the vestiges of her humanity. Origins: In 1875 Lillian Van Loont and her husband were driving through the Transylvanian alps when disaster struck. LillianĂ¢€™s husband Lionel was killed outright, but Lillian survived disfigured and barely alive. She wandered through the Balkan woods until she collapsed at the gates of a castle. When Lillian awoke again she had been healed and now resided in the castle of Esteban Diablo. Esteban was of course the super villain known as Diablo and as he continued to nurse Lillian back to health the two became lovers. Diablo began to teach his alchemical arts to Lillian and she in turn was a willing student. However, Diablo held the local villages in a grip of terror and one day when DiabloĂ¢€™s powers were at their weakest he was captured and sealed in his own laboratory. Lillian escaped the wrath of the villagers and fled to England. Using the skills taught to her by Diablo Lillian tried to discover the key to immortality. She did not quite succeed but discovered a link between gold and Immortality. 1. probably about 6 feet 2in 2. maybe superhuman class 1 3. yes Gilded Lily was trying to steal her body and youth, she is listed as deceased. in the marvel universe anything is possible!
2 :
#2 Aurora had normal strength. However she could punch a person many times at super speed giving the illusion of super strength. #4 of coarse she is........She's waiting.

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