Sunday, March 1, 2009

Asking for further Aurora Project evidence:

Asking for further Aurora Project evidence:?
I am looking for passengers of the many Flights that take off from the Las Vegas' McClaren's International Airport and HAFB and other places, and which are flowen to and from Groom Lake AFB for work each day - for some anonmous assistance. It is a given/proven fact that the Aurora Project(Plane) exists. With all of the evidence that is leaves around, it makes my wonder why the USAF is continually lie-ing about its actions. One lie after another lie. It makes you wonder if the integrity of the USAF command hierarchy is any good or not or even reliable. But when confronted with the truth, they honestly lie through their teeth. I am asking for further tangible proof, if possible anonmously, from the workers of Groom Lake AFB as to the further existence of the plane, and other tangible information. Every bit will help. Thx.
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It's called being classified, not lying. You have no need to know, yes or no.
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"Lies" as you call it are classified information about advanced aircraft. Haven't you heard that loose lips sink ships. The truth about Area 51 cannot be made public in our national security interests. The thing that bothers me is, the amount of power/control the base commanders have over human rights of the workers. They can't unionize or grieve, especially related to the exposure to contaminated waste that has been alleged. The commander's absolute authority has a tendency to be corrupt, by its very nature. And, oh by the way, the base operations is not Air Force, contrary to popular opinion.

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