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How do you obtain DEOXYS/JURACHI on Sapphire,ruby, or emerald

How do you obtain DEOXYS/JURACHI on Sapphire,ruby, or emerald?
I realyl want to know how to get these 2 pokemon..Is there anyway besides nintendo event(these dont exist anymore) or the collosium disk thing...or a action replay...cuz they dont sell them where i live....IS THERE ANY OTHER WAY TO GET THEM..ANY GLITCHES? I HAVE HEARD MANY BUT NOT SURE IF THEY WORK..HERE IS A COUPLE I HAVE HEARD Aurora Ticket without Ruby or Sapphire People tell you to mix records with ruby and sapphire to obtain the aurara ticket, however you can just beat the elite four 19 times, then talk to a lady on route 123 she will say there is an event on Mt Pyre. Go to the top and then talk to the old man or woman. If you talk to him he will ask for the embelem and one of your pokemon, then a berry will fall. It is a lum berry, take it and you will have the arura ticket. -fly to verdanturf city.... go to were you compete in pokemon contests win with aron(nickname him ronar for extra points) after you win walk outside and you will see a guy wearing a green to him.. he tells you that hes feeling confident about the cuteness of his pokemon... go back and complete a cute contest(with any pokemon) then tlk to him and he will give you a letter to deliver to professor burch..... after that the professor will give you the mystery ticket..... go to mossdeep city and go to the space center.... talk to the scientist wearing a white coat and he will tell you that there have been 7 complete launches.... if he says that to you.... he will tell you to go upstairs and talk to a guy.... when you talk to the guy he will tell you to go outside and go to this white rock..... before you press A on the rock... talk to the girl and she will tell you that when she wishes she uses a wish tag.... now touch the rock about 22-28 times and a nosepass will pop out.... ( catch him and he will be holding a space part... take it to the guy who is upstairs and give it to him.... then he will tell you to follow him outside.... when you go outside you will see a rocket... he will tell you that this is a test flight..... when he asks you if you want to go with him say NO then he will ask you if your sure say YES then he tells you to meet him there after you go to the professor and tell him that your going into space.... ( b4 you go to the professor buy about 50-75 ultra balls.... jirachi is hard to catch.... make sure you take alot of potions and take a pokemon who has hypnosis and a grass type that has either sleep powder or an ice pokemon to freeze jirachi.... jirachi is a level 65 so take an ice pokemon that is a level 25-38_ once you tlk to the professor he will give you an orbit ball.... he tells you that this pokeball will catch the space pokemon DEOXYS..... go back to mossdeep city and tell the guy that your ready... but before you do that save the game!!!! then when you say yes.... you guys will take off.... once in space you can catch a bunch of pokemon( if your lucky you can find a MEW) when your in space go north 26 steps.... the you will here a click.. thats a sign that one of the three switches have been activated... from there go 6 steps east and 4 steps south... you will here another click... now from there go 7 steps west, 8 steps north,2 steps east, then 4 steps south... you will hear a click... now go in the middle of the crater( your on a crater.. dont freak out) press A and jirachi will come out.... hope this works 4 you ir worked 4 me!!! I HAVE HEARD THOSE...HOW AM I SUPPOSeD TO KNOW I HAVENT TRIED THEM
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what lady on route 123? the berry?

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