Monday, September 7, 2009

Please rate/fix my deck.....

Please rate/fix my deck.....?
plz rate/fix my deck.........its a duelmasters deck nd consists of only light nd nature it is: Aura Pegasus, Avatar of life x4 Valkyer, Starstorm Elemental x2 Turtle Horn, the imposing x2 Ularus, Punishment Elemental x1 Leaping Tornado Horn x3 Bonds of justice x2 Syforce, Aurora Elemental x1 Stinger Horn, the delver x2 Radioactive horn, the strange x3 Brutal Charge x2 Asteria, Spirit of Heaven x2 Dance of the sproutings x4 Marushias, spirit of the sun x2 urth, purifying elemental x1 paradise horn x1 siri, glory elemental x1 miar, comet elemental x1 Ancient Horn,the watcher x1 Aeris, Flight Elemental x2 Rummbling terahorn x2 ethel, star sea elemental x1 thnx in adv oh nd the whole strategy is based o the frst card......tho it was amazingly difficult to obtain 4 copies of that single card.....=D
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1 :
first you should think about putting litning vortex and if your playing by the normal rules you can only have 3 of one card name in your deck hope this helps
2 :
dude like the cards but u need more trap and spell cards so u can have a balanced deck.

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