Saturday, September 6, 2014

Boycott costs the EU 5 billion per year

Boycott costs the EU 5 billion per year

The EU proposed to supply additional funds for the promotion of boycotted products, which will have to be used to gain access to new markets. Statistics show that the boycott is costing the Union a total of 5 billion Euro per year. Spanish melon growers ... Is Not Cheap, But It Has Potential (NYSE:WUBA) has been on a hot streak since going public. I have been looking into its growth prospects and valuation recently, and it seems that is among the most expensive stocks in China's internet space. The high growth that the company is ...

Cheap Drinking Water From The Sun, Aided By A Pop Of Pencil Shavings

Piscine Molitor "Pi" Patel did it to survive on the Pacific Ocean. Robert Redford used the trick in All Is Lost. When you're trapped on a boat, you can easily make fresh water, right? Simply let the sun heat up and evaporate salt water. Then trap the steam ...

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