Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why did Six Flags in Aurora county Ohio shut down Steel Venom and X-Flight

Why did Six Flags in Aurora county Ohio shut down Steel Venom and X-Flight?
Ok, first of all, the Steel Venom used to be the Superman, but don't tell me it's because a girl had her feet cut off on a similar ride. The two rides are completely different designs. Secondly, our sixflags also shut down X-Flight, the flying coaster. Why??? Sorry, GEAUGA LAKE I'm an old patron, so I still have "Six Flags" in my brain.
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1 :
Regulations most likely require to check all similar rides for any probability of injury. If you got your feet got cut off wouldn't you want the same?
2 :
first of all...its called Geauga Lake. and the Xflight was amazing!!!!!!! but it wasnt bringing in enough it got sent to another park... the steel venom sucked and was always closed cause it had trouble constantly, so it wasnt making any money either.
3 :
I seem to have read that X-Flight went to Kings Island and became Firehawk.
4 :
Cedar Point owns about all the parks in ohio like geuaga lake and kings island. they figured because they already have those rides in their other parks they need to bring in some fresh ideas i'd say if you like geuaga lake try going to kings island they have great rides like firehawk (like x flight) top gun (like iron dragon) the beast (a classic) son of beast (like Mean streak) and flight of fury (like disaster transport before it went 3d). I'd say they wanted to take those out also because six flags built those and had certain copyrights and rights on those rides so cedar fair had to most likely go through a lawsuit with six flags over the rides. also the girl with severed feet most likely scared cedar fair and wanted to get rid of any six flags rides

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