Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Flight Simulator X: The Dell Alienware Aurora 920 2.66 ghz, or the Apple 3.06ghz $1,199 Imac...

Flight Simulator X: The Dell Alienware Aurora 920 2.66 ghz, or the Apple 3.06ghz $1,199 Imac...?
i heard the "newer hardware" and processers do not work that well for flight simulator x, but then i hear that it does?? not sure. I was thinking about getting the Alienware Aurora from Dell and kind of thinking about getting the 1199 dollar imac from apple? Which is supposed to work better for fsx(Microsoft Flight Simulator X)? the Dell Alienware Aurora or the &1,199 dollar iMac from Apple? please give your advice...
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macs don't work with games, especially not Microsoft games. Alienwares are overpriced pieces of shit, Dells have some of the worst customer service around. Get your computer custom made or do it yourself. Anyways, FSX will work with any hardware that's fairly new- in fact, the newer the better. The biggest thing is the graphics card though, not the processor.
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quad core definitely, not alienware or mac. buy from this company instead(closest to price and quality to homebuilt comps) upgrade ram to 6gb though. edit: person above: are you crazy??? my 9800gt is used 70% while my 3.8ghz i7 is used at 100% at all cores.
3 :
I would suggest the apple because the Snow Leopard OS uses way less processes than a Windows OS. I would strongly recommend apple, for their speed and it has better components. Hope this helps
4 :
build your own for that money you could get all top line part and not pay for a bloated name brand. Windows 7 just as fast as The new OSX Distro...

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