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Is this a Quality Gaming PC

Is this a Quality Gaming PC?
I'm looking to buy a Gaming PC from Craigslist. This is coming from someone with little to no knowledge of good PC specs. I don't know the difference between processors, video cards, and have been a console gamer all my life. Finally, I'm interested in becoming a PC gamer, and want to start off with a PC I can easily upgrade. I have a 700$ budget and this looks like a good deal from Craigslist. """Hi, i am selling a very good condition Alienware Aurora PC that has been well taken care of for only $650. PC loads in less than 20 seconds from pushing the button to being able to use PC. It is a Full Tower Gaming Performance PC with a Dual Core Athlon X2 5000+ 2.61Ghz Processor and it comes with the Alienware box, and all other items needed to use the PC, and also comes with a G5 or Saitek Cyborg Gaming Mouse +++ more extra items like a Logitec Gaming Headset++. It can handle any game like MW2, WoW, BC2 and more without any problems and most of the times over 50+ fps and Max Settings. It is a very fast PC. Has custom Cold Cathode Lighting along with LED Lighting. Temperatures are always low on this PC. The PC has: a Themaltake CPU Cooling Fan to keep the CPU cool 2 x NVIDIA EVGA 8800 GTS Graphics Cards in 2 x PCI-E x16 slots in SLI with blazing performance!! A 37GB Velociraptor 10,000RPM HDD for Windows OS that makes load time a breeze A 2nd Storage Drive with a 150GB Raptor 10,000RPM HDD that is blazing fast 2x 1GB Corsair XMS-2 DDR-2 800 running at timings 4-4-4-12 Very Fast Xtreme Performance Memory 700 Watt Power Supply SLI Ready Alienware Custom Keyboard also it comes with 7.1 Surround Sound Audio Card a Lightscribe DVD/CD Burner and other features like a BFG PhysX Card to enhance the Graphics and more!!! it also has many slots available for expansion drivers and hdd's It can play any game out atm without any problems. It takes about 20 seconds to load from startup. I play WoW, Two Worlds, GTA4, MW2 and Crysis with no problems. No lag or anything and i get at least 35-45fps at least on GTA4 at highest settings and about 40-65 FPS at Ultra Settings on World of Warcraft. This package also comes with a Saitek Cyborg Gaming Mouse that was barely ever used $54.99 Retail, a Brand New Never Used Saitek X-52 Flight Control System $99.99 from BestBuy, I was going to keep this Gaming Machine, but because of school, i need a laptop. So i am selling it. It is in Very nice condition, and was a very well taken care of Desktop Gaming PC, also the pc color is Cyborg (Lime) Green and looks sweet!! You will not be dissapointed. Dont miss out on this awesome system. It is a very quick PC. Asking Price: $650 for all of it!!!"" What do you think guys. Is this a PC that can run all the latest games at good speeds and make it look good. I want to play Crisis at max settings, so that is a benchmark. Also, can I upgrade this later to become a better PC.
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to long to read but all i would say its not hard to learn what you need to know
2 :
Most likely i mean it sounds like it has good quality, and a lot of memory.
3 :
no... x2 8800 gts = litterly crap raptor drives, really? they are slower then even the basic hard drives these days 2gb of ram cost like $40... 700 watt powersupply - 10% a year, we say its like 500 watt now or so now its not worth it, not at all its a REALLY bad computer (for that price) i wouldnt pay more then 200 for it, or less. upgrade is out of the question cuz you need a new mobo and for that a new cpu too so better to just buy a new computer max crysis? yeah dream on, even some of the best graphic cards on the market have problem with crysis and two 8800 are light years after those cards.
4 :
Well, its pretty good pc. Fast and all But there is few thing that u should to notice. Good things: 1st: 700W powersupply is very overscale for that combination (processor) so you can upgrade some components without changing powersupply. 2nd: Graphics cards are powerful, because SLI (2 of them connected to each other) and those are aswell bit overscaled for that processor. 3rd: 7.1 soundcard, dvd/cd burner and other peripheral devices are "cheap" in that pack. Bad Things: 1st: There is very small capacite of Hard Drive (37+150GB). Its fast but still if u are going to install several games, dl some music, movies or something like that you need to buy new hard drive soon. 2nd: Dual Core Athlon, isnt so good processor, because now days there is 6-cores from amd and 4-cores from Intel. 3rd: Performance Memory is DDR2 and there is only 2GB of it, Windows 7 (64.bit) needs atleast 4gb to run and work. and anyways 4gb is minimum usually in new cpu's so there is 2 options - you buy that for 650$ and use 100-150$ for processor upgrade and you should buy atleast 2GB Perf.Memory more OR - you ask to someone collect shoplist for u from a components and someone build it for u. with that budget u get better computer that this is (depends prices in ur county/shop/state) So with that PC you can mabye play Crysis with max settings but i think that Processor leaves behind and cant make it, but thats just my opinion. (im 2nd yr datanome student and i've got few exams about hardware technology so i know something) But its your call, mabye buy that and upgrade it with hundred or two dollars... its easiest way to get PC. ((((( sorry about my bad english :) its just my 3rd language in school :p
5 :
Seems OK and also download reginout to improve performance.

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