Friday, August 7, 2009

Disney Cruise Line Auditions

Disney Cruise Line Auditions?
Hey everyone, I'm planning on flying down to Hollywood next week for the cruise line auditions for "singers." The description of the character I'm going for is below: [B]DISNEY PRINCESSES & HEROINES (Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Blue Fairy and Pocahontas): female, 5’4”-5’8”, strong vocalists, poised and graceful, Alto to Soprano dependent on role [/B] What can I plan for in terms of format of the audition? I know I need two pieces and I'm suppose to plan on learning a movement combo. Sign-ins start at 9:30 and same day callbacks are invitational. How long should I plan on staying? Will I be safe planning a night flight home? Is it bad to sing anything Disney for auditions? How many people are usually at these auditions? When do you find out? Any advice/information would be appreciated!
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mail disney land and ask them.
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If the audition is next week, it's a bit late to think about what to prepare - you should have done that weeks ago, because your lack of preparation will show. I'd suggest finding out about the whole process before planning anything - maybe even push the whole idea back to next year. There will probably be hundreds of people there, and the audition process will take a long time. If it were me, I'd plan to stay overnight. That eliminates the stress of worrying about catching your flight home, and leaves you the day to concentrate on auditioning.

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