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What is a nice area to live in near the Front Range airport in Denver

What is a nice area to live in near the Front Range airport in Denver??
Well I am considering going to a flight school thats at the Front Range airport in Denver Colorado. I currently live about 80 miles South of Denver so I am going to have to move. Can anyone suggest a nice affordable area close to the airport where I might find an apartment? Aurora looks close but I have heard some bad things about this area. Thanks for any comments I think my loans will give me an extra $1000 a month to cover living expenses. I would like to spend less than the $1000 a month if possible but I would spend it all if I have to to get something decent.
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You heard correctly about Aurora. Don't live there unless you wanna get shanked. I don't know how much you're willing to spend, but the area just to the NW of DIA is quite nice, and just starting to develop now. Around Tower Rd and 104th.
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Aurora is not that bad of a place to live. The people who say Aurora is unsafe and dangerous are usualy the people who live in one of the suburbs that consists of 99% caucasian population. Just because Aurora has a large african american population and has a bit higher of a crime rate does not mak eit a bad place to live. Aurora is the third largest city in the state. With that does come a little more crime but if you live in the right place you will be fine. I would say stay off the west-central side of aurora. South east is nice and north east Aurora (or maybe just east) is very nice also. I would maybe look at some of the new developments near the airport like Green Valley Ranch or Stapleton, though Stapelton is kind of pricy!
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I second West Guy's inputs and recommendations. The Green Valley Ranch area is a nice neighborhood. Their town center area has King Soopers and about 2 miles is another center with Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond and some other stores. Further down Tower towards the airport are some apartments/townhomes which appears to be even nicer than those in downtown Denver. I am not sure of the name of this development but it's in the vicinity of the hotels and restaurants on Tower before reaching Pena Blvd.. If I am not mistaken it's before you reach Ruby Tuesday (across). Hope this helps.

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