Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How do you find out who certified mail is from

How do you find out who certified mail is from?
Another certified mail question - but I'm not in Aurora, CO. We are going on vacation for a month and I don't want to risk waiting in line at the post office to miss my flight if this is simply a parking ticket / speeding ticket. My certificate doesn't say who the sender is. Is there a way to tell who this is from without going to the post office. If it is a ticket or something I'm sure I can pay it online (Arizona is great for stuff like that). I simply want to know if there is a way to find out who it is from. We'll I can't imagine that I'd be getting something else than a speeding ticket (if they are delivered that way even). Guess it can't be that important - and if it is I'll have to deal with it when I return. No way I'm going to risk missing an international flight.
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The only way is to sign for it and open it. The post office will not give out details before it is signed for
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Sign for it.
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Have you tried CALLING the Post Office that is nearest your location? They will give you the Zip Code the letter is sent from. Then you can go from there. It's a start. Sometimes they cannot tell you what they do not know, if the envelope is blank or the certified mail card was filled out incorrectly.
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Simply don't sign for it. You can't receive certified mail if you don't sign for it. It's not your fault they used certified mail.

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